Coming in December 2020

New Dashboard

We quietly announced we were working on this in our August update. Some of you have been asking when it will be ready. We bring good news: we’re rolling this out to everyone on 1st December.

Thanks go to St Paul’s Church in Letchworth who have been testing this for us.

Our new dashboard includes the following features:

  • New clean & modern appearance
  • Analytic data on your website visitors
  • Folders to organise the media within your library
  • Image data editing improvements
  • New content page –  All your posts, pages and other content on one screen with advanced filters, folders, quick previews and edits

All of the other features you’re used to are still present.

This video demos the new dashboard & draws attention to where to things you may find helpful

If you need a hand getting used to this change, or would like help with anything else to do with your website or church technology, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always keen to help. Get in touch today

November 2020 updates

This month we have added the ability to create a duplicate of all pages, posts, and sermons

  • Now in the list of pages, posts and sermons you will see two new options:
    • ‘Clone’ will create an exact copy and save it
    • ‘New Draft’ will create an exact copy and open it for editing

If you need a hand with anything to do with your website, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Get in touch today

November 2019 Improvements

We have made the following improvements:

Automatic Image Rotation

Your images will be correctly rotated upon upload according to the embedded orientation data.

Admin Email Verification

Church Administrators may now be periodically asked to confirm that your email address is up to date when you log in as an administrator. This reduces the chance of getting locked out of your site if you change your email address.

Events Management

A number of minor bugs with recurring events have been fixed

Various useability improvements to how ticketed events are handled have been made