November 2020 updates

This month we have added the ability to create a duplicate of all pages, posts, and sermons

  • Now in the list of pages, posts and sermons you will see two new options:
    • ‘Clone’ will create an exact copy and save it
    • ‘New Draft’ will create an exact copy and open it for editing

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October 2020 updates

This month we bring you:

  • Improved Podcasting
  • Search Engine Optimisation improvements
  • Improvements to our live streaming support for services and special occasions
  • Improvements to our integration with Office 365 services (email, and office suite etc)

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September 2020 Updates

ChurchWeb continues to lead the way on the web. This month we bring you major updates:

  • Major speed increases and website responsiveness on all major web browsers
  • Automatic Image Optimisation
    • No longer do you need to spend time converting photos to a web optimised size before you upload it to your website
      • We automatically compress large images, reducing the file size to the optimal size for the web
      • We automatically reduce the dimensions of super large images to the maximum size possible for display own your site
      • This uses advanced image technology called WebP
    • Enhanced Image Optimisation helps to improve your Search Engine rankings

We are the only Church Website provider to offer this new technology

August 2020 Updates

Major improvements to the Block Editor:

  • New blocks available.
  • Some images can now be edited directly within the block editor
  • Other usability improvements based on user feedback

Substantial improvements for visually impaired people using screen readers

Coming Soon

We’ve introduced a new beta admin/dashboard console for our churches who help us test and develop new features. This will be ready for all churches later in 2020. It includes the following features:

  • Folders to organise your media library.
  • Image editing within the Media Library
  • New content page in dashboard
    • Bringing together all your posts, pages and other content onto one screen with advanced filters, folders, quick previews and edits.
  • Improved analytics
  • New clean modern look and layout

Event Manager – online locations

Update July 2020: We’ve updated our Event Manager to support churches holding services or other events online.

When creating an event there is now an option to specify if the event is at a physical location such as a church or community centre, or an online location such as Zoom, or Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

Physical locations work in the same way they’ve always done, however for online events, you can add a URL to the online meeting service you use, or to a specific webpage with more detailed joining instructions.

Let us know your feedback:

New editor now available

The trial of the new ‘ Block Editor ‘ has gone well with our trial churches, and feedback is overwhelmingly positive. This new editor allows for increased flexibility in website design while increasing ease of use.

We are now opening up this new editor to all churches, if you’d like to upgrade immediately please drop us a line at

All churches will be automatically upgraded by 1st September 2020

To prepare for this change, please see the familiarisation video’s in the User Guide / Manual on the left hand side of your dashboard, and review this guide. Any questions, we’d love to hear them. Do contact us at

April 2020 Improvements

Block Editor Improvements

  • Two brand-new blocks:
    • Social Icons and Buttons – make adding interactive features fast and easy.
  • Speed Improvements

Search Engine Optimisation Improvements

March 2020 Improvements

Improvements for those who are Visually Impaired

We’ve made improvements to screen reader compatibility to help your church members who are visually impaired.

February 2020 Improvements

We have made the following improvements:

Sermon Manager

Various minor Bug Fixes – thanks for your feedback!

Search Engine Optimisation

Improvements and upgrades to latest available technology to help your church reach the top of the search engine listings