New Cookie Solution

The Cookie popups that almost everybody finds annoying are necessary to comply with UK laws. While they are a legal requirement, sometimes they can cause problems. Many people don’t fully understand what cookies do or the potential consequences of the choice to accept or reject them.

We have upgraded our cookie solution to improve our compliance with the latest best practice from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and make things simpler and more straightforward for the website visitor to understand.

The upgraded solution includes these improvements:

  • Clearer modern interface.
  • Improved function on Tablets.
  • Improved ability to accept recommended cookies, or quickly select a bespoke choice.
  • Clearer explanation of what the cookies are for.
  • If content is blocked because the user rejected cookies, the hidden content now has a message allowing the user to unblock it.

The upgrade is rolling out to all Churches over the Christmas period. You don’t need to do anything but sit back, relax and know that your visitors are getting an improved experience.