Great Value

How do we keep our prices so low?

While others charge startup costs such as website design fees, we do not do this. This may lead you to ask: How can ChurchWeb provide this service at such a low price?

The answer is simple: We're different. We exist for the church, not for ourselves.

Read on for the ChurchWeb difference

We invest in your church

  • We believe in the Church, we believe in your church. We support your church and we invest in your church by providing everything needed to get going including the expensive design work.
  • It costs us a lot to do this. More than your annual fee. We're so confident that you'll be happy: we invest up front in your ministry, and over the course of our relationship things will even out.
  • Of course if you did want to leave, that's fine too! We're confident our service is the best and that we can't be beaten - but you're not trapped. We'll even help you transition to a new provider if that's what you wish to do. Your church is too important to get trapped with someone you're not happy with.
  • This is the ChurchWeb difference.

Surplus is re-invested in our service

  • We can do all of this because we aren't here to make a profit.
  • We don't pay dividends to shareholders, or drive flash cars, but work to support the church.
  • We seek a relationship with you. Any surplus over the course of our relationship is not profit but used to provide the same service to those churches who can't otherwise afford it:
    • We cover the costs for churches who can't afford to pay us:
    • Those that can't afford decent web services are the ones that need it most.
    • If this is you, we'll get you going:
      • we'll help you grow your congregation through the best website and the full ChurchWeb service.
      • Only when you can afford to start paying - do you start paying. There'll be no backdated bills, & nothing owed.
  • This is the ChurchWeb difference

We act properly with high ethical standards

  • We don't exaggerate or misrepresent our services inorder to close a sale
  • We simply provide the best service we can, and let our service do the talking
  • This the ChurchWeb difference